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AB20123 L2 Award in Depilation

AB20123 L2 Award in Depilation


If you have any other questions, please get in touch with us - 0208 795 3313/ 07429 923 657

  • Mandatory units

    ➖ Anatomy & physiology

    ➖ UV20483 Follow health and safety practice in the salon

    ➖ UV20453 Client care and communication in beauty-related industries

    ➖ UV20418 Provide facial skin care

  • Teaching resources

    ➖ Power points

    ➖ Teaching manuals

    ➖ Consultation forms

    ➖ Question sheets, quizzes for each unit

    ➖ Answer copies questions sheets and quizzes

    ➖ Anatomy learner checks and answers

    ➖ Scheme of work

    ➖ Tracking plans for practical and theory

    ➖ Individual learner tracker

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